How to Speed Up Your Computer Without Upgrading Your Hardware?

Slow working computers are counterproductive and irritating. Many people get irritated to wait more than 5 minutes for the computer to get started and more than 1 minute to execute a program. Computers slow due to software issues. It is fact that more than 95% of the individuals are not utilizing their computer’s full speed. To have the maximum outcome from your computer, you have to make sure that your computer is running at its top speed before upgrading the hardware.

Majority of the individuals spend lot of money on purchasing latest software and end up making their computer’s performance slower. It is not a difficult task to speed up computer programs, but you have to spend some time with your computer.

Few Speed up Computer Tips:

The main reason behind the slow start up of your computer is loads of startup programs. You may have installed various programs that startup automatically after your computer is started. It is important to uninstall these unimportant startup programs. In addition, if you need a particular program that start ups automatically, then you may find an option in the settings menu of that program to disable the start up feature. Startup programs utilize valuable RAM that makes your computer feel sluggish. Removing these programs will help in making your computer start faster.

While uploading your files on your computer, they are fragmented on your hard disk. At the time of executing the files, your computer takes time to find the data, which are fragmented randomly. Hence, it is important to compose your files on the monthly basis. There are many disk composers available on the Internet to fragment files and compile them in arranged manner. This will help in speeding up computer’s performance.

Another tip as how to speed up computer fast is by cleaning Windows registry. It is among the most important, complicated and most unknown areas of Windows operating system. It contains information about every tool of hardware and software. In a sluggish, Windows registry is a complete mess. It is one of the sensitive areas of computer and it has to be strictly restricted to novice user. You may take help from registry cleaners, which are third-party software to make your computer faster.

You may have the Windows Vista installed on your computer with Aero feature. However, this feature uses huge resources, which may slow down your computer. It is advisable to turn off this feature to speed up computer system.


These are the effective steps to increase the performance of your computer. The last way to restore your computer’s normal speed is to perform a system restore in a year. However, before performing a system restore, it is important to back up all your files. You need to spend little time to back up and restore original settings of your computer. However, it is worth spending time rather than waiting for minutes to open a website. In addition, you may search on the Internet for more speed up computer tips, which will bring you more result about the latest speed up computer software and speed up computer freeware programs.

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