The Emergence of Enterprise Apps

Enterprise software is typically used internally for large organisations who need a programme, or programmes to help them manage various aspects of their business in a time and cost-efficient manner. The different types of enterprise software can help with customer relationship management (CRM), business intelligence, human resource management and many other business processes.

The growth in smartphone and tablet popularity has triggered many companies to reassess the ways they manage and organise their business.

Enterprise mobile apps can improve organisations in a number of ways:

– Internal communications
– Dashboards, analytics and decision-making tools
– Office and employee admin
– Expenses and timesheets
– Business development
– Conference calls
– Presentation apps for smartphone and tablet devices

An example of a successful enterprise app is one that was developed for the UK’s largest student accommodation company UNITE. The company wanted a more efficient way to manage their in-house maintenance teams and so a custom-built application was developed to help these maintenance teams become more organised.

The UNITE enterprise app needed to integrate with the Maintenance Management System that was already in place and also needed to give the users details of their next job along with location, priority rating, job specifics and the ability to be able to change the status of any job in real-time.

The end result left the maintenance workers with easy to use app that allowed them to view and update information on the go. The back-end integration with their Maintenance Management System meant that those in UNITE’s head office could also view the information in real-time, as well as add jobs as they came in from customer service representatives.

The UNITE enterprise app is an excellent example of how apps can increase productivity, reduce paperwork and also be time and cost-effective.

The creation of an enterprise app is a huge and time-consuming process. If you are employing an app development company to develop and design your app for you, you will need to make sure they know your company’s requirements and the way your business works.

As more businesses are developing enterprise applications to help manage their back-end systems more efficiently, and as devices become more robust and lightweight, companies will be using mobile and tablet technology to help increase their overall productivity and save time and money.

In the current economic climate, companies should be embracing technology that will increase their overall productivity and in turn their overall revenue.

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